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Agosto 30,2014

Thanks for being so cute, Hyerin

Agosto 27,2014


My dash is very lacking in girl groups, so if you post any of the following like, or reblog, and i’ll prob follow


Agosto 27,2014

EXID Up&Down

Agosto 27,2014

Hyerin didn’t know where to watch~ so cute

Agosto 27,2014

maknae doing BESTie’s pit-a-pat move? ~~

Agosto 26,2014

lol no they are 5 dont worry ahah
1st gif junghwa
2nd gif elly
3th solji
4th hani and junghwa
5th shinsadong tiger lol
6th hyerin

(Fonte: holacronopio)

Agosto 24,2014
pls get into exid


exid is  such an important girl group that gets slept on so much, nd im here 2 change that. if ur looking for a #nice girl group to get into„ keep reading!!! 

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Nice post!
But Exid’s leader is Solji^^
Anyway solji was also in a duo ballad and also a soloist singer, add it if you want :)

Agosto 21,2014


The EXID comeback is literally the best birthday present I could ever ask for

I just

Agosto 21,2014


(Fonte: cloud4k)

Agosto 21,2014

My dear hani ;~;